Getting to Know Your Attorney

Hiring a professional in any field is a difficult task. Usually, a family practice physician refers their patients to a specialist. In the legal field, an injured party typically finds their own lawyer. Getting to know your attorney is important before you decide if they are the right fit for you.

Sometimes it can be hard to speak to an actual attorney about your legal claims when you call a big box law firm. When you contact the Law Office of Kedar Bhasker, you will directly speak to a licensed attorney. Give Kedar a ring and get to know your attorney.

Vehicle Data Recorders Making a Difference In a Car Accident Claim.

Nowadays,  newer vehicles are equipped with advanced computer technology. It is likely that, if you are involved in a car accident,  your car and the car that ran into you collected important information that can be used to support an injury claim. If there are no witnesses, the undisputed facts may be the difference maker if the other driver is claiming that you were at fault.

I have the experience and knowledge to conduct a complete investigation that includes gathering game changing details stored by the vehicles involved.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, contact me so that I can immediately start collecting details, including a data download, for your car accident personal injury case.