Albuquerque Court Hears First Civil Jury Trial

The Second Judicial District Court for the County of Bernalillo concluded its first civil jury trial post COVID shut down on Wednesday, August, 5, 2020. The three day trial was originally scheduled for March 16, 2020, just three days after courthouses across the state had to shut down jury trials, causing an abrupt stop to civil justice. Lawyers, Kedar Bhasker and MJ Keefe, represented a victim of a car crash where a complaint was filed over two and a half years ago. The Plaintiff waited over two and a half years to have his day in court, and if the courts had not opened, may have waited a lot longer. Yesterday, the six person jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. In an effort to protect the safety of everyone in the courtroom, Plaintiff presented witness testimony through the courtroom’s technology. Bhasker Law is honored to be a part of civil justice and looks forward to helping more injured New Mexicans with their constitutional rights.