Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Car Accident Claim

There are many choices out there. Big firm, small firm, new, and old. When you are hurt, it may be difficult deciding who you want handling your car accident claim. When choosing the right lawyer, you are choosing to make a long term commitment and enter into a professional relationship.

If you hire the Law Office of Kedar Bhasker, you get eleven years of knowledge and experience. I have been licensed to practice law for the last three years, was a legal assistant handling car accident and mass tort claims for four years, and a courier for four years at a large personal injury firm.

I understand what it takes to build a car accident claim, communicate with the adjusters, and negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement; I also file lawsuits when necessary.

When you choose me to handle your car accident claim you get the knowledge and experience of a big law firm and the personable and easy to access relationship that comes with a small law office.