August 5, 2020
The Line: Plea Deals - New Mexico In Focus

The Second Judicial District Court for the County of Bernalillo concludes its first civil jury trial post COVID shut down.

The three day trial began on Monday, August 3, 2020 and was originally scheduled for March 16, 2020, just three days after courthouses across the state and the civil jury system came to an abrupt halt.

Lawyers, Kedar Bhasker and MJ Keefe, represented a victim of a car crash. A complaint was filed in August 2018. The plaintiff waited over two and a half years to have his day in court. Without civil litigation, holding people accountable for harms is difficult.

The six person jury returned a verdict in favor of plaintiff. Plaintiff presented witness testimony through the courtroom’s technology.

America is fortunate to have a civil justice. Jury trials and life in general have been difficult. Bhasker Law hopes that, with proper precautions, people will continue to have their day at trial, before a jury of peers.